About Me…

wpid-20150819_104447.jpgI’m a 49-year-old single woman who got too busy in life to find a husband and settle down. Now the realization of 50 being just around the corner has me…feeling nostalgic (read: not going to say “regretful”!)…and not really looking forward to the big five-oh!

So…I’ve made a list of (nearly) 50 things to do between now (turning 49 on Sept. 4, 2015) and my next birthday, Sept. 4, 2016, to help distract me. These are not “big ticket items” you would find on an official “bucket list.” They’re things that are doable in a year. Things that are fun. Things that will help me realize that being 50 and unmarried with no children isn’t that bad.

One of the items on the list is to “journal” about the experience. I decided to just do that electronically here in the form of a blog. It’s really for my own purposes and reflection. If you want to follow along, be my guest!

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So…let’s get started!

(If you want to see the list, click here.)