“D-I-E-T” is a four letter word!


Minions – as found on Facebook

OK – #12 on my list was to focus on Health and Wellness by choosing an “eating plan” (NOT “DIET”). And since item #11 on my list is to lose weight, I thought I’d better get crackin’ on the eating plan.

I’ve tried various things in the past (with little success, as those of you who know me, can see all too well). One “plan” I’ve not tried is a low-carb option like Atkins. So, after much consideration and consultation with a physician, Atkins is a go.

The cute little Minion image above (even with its typo!) pretty much sums up what I’ve been doing since my birthday on the 4th. I gave myself 3 weeks to get my house in order and rid the cabinets of the less-than-carb-friendly items, and to stock it with…well…meat. 🙂 (Not complaining about that!)

Today was day two of low-carb counting and I have to say that if I can make it past these first 2-3 weeks of sugar/carb withdrawals, I’ll be ok.

I am going to cross off item 12 on my list because, like never before, I’m determined that this is going to be successful! And then I’ll be able to update you on item #11 as I progress.

In the meantime, feel free to send up any prayers for my stick-to-it-iveness, and I’ll take any notes of encouragement you might want to send my way…all in an effort for you to see “less of me” in the not-so-distant future! 🙂

(NOTE: to see the rest of my list, click here.)




I’ve generally not been someone who makes lists. My memory usually serves me well enough and I remember what I’m supposed to remember. However, as I grow older, I find I’m starting to rely on them. My reasoning is that it’s because I’ve needed to remember so many things in my 49 years, there’s not enough room in my brain for more! (Others tell me it’s just a fact of getting older.)

Regardless—I knew I’d need to write down my list to remember those things I am planning to do before I turn 50. Some of you have asked me about my list – wondering if I’ll publish it in total, or if I’ll just reveal things one at a time. I went back and forth on the idea as there are pros & cons to doing so.

One of the “pros” to publishing my list…being held accountable to doing what I have said I’d do. One of the “cons” to publishing my list…being held accountable to doing what I have said I’d do! 😉

So I’ve decided to publish my list. As you can see, as of the date I’m publishing this list (9/24/2015), I don’t quite have 50 items. This will give me the opportunity to add some things I know I wanted to add, but forgot to write down (hmm…see my meaning behind the need to keep a written list!?). I’m also reserving a few spots for “surprise” items. That is, they’ll be a surprise for someone else. So…I don’t want to spill the beans before it happens.

I’ll also come back periodically to mark items as completed.

OK…so, for what it’s worth, here’s the list (in no particular order)…

  1. Journal about the “Year of the List” Read about it here: Journaling
  2. Buy a Coloring Book for Adults (and color more) Read about it here: All I need to know I learned in Kindergarten
  3. Find a new church home
  4. Visit Amy in Belton Read about it here: Amy – Belton, TX
  5. Visit Katy in San Angelo Read about it here: 5, 6, 7, and 13: They all add up…
  6. Stay in a Bed & Breakfast Read about it here: 5, 6, 7, and 13: They all add up…
  7. See a play Read about it here: 5, 6, 7, and 13: They all add up…
  8. Go to a concert Read about it here: A concert at the Opry…
  9. Take Tai Chi lessons Read about it here: Tai Chi Happiness!
  10. Set a schedule for going to the gym
  11. Lose weight (OK…I’ll split this into two; see item below) …I’m not going to cross this off, yet, but you can read my progress here: On My Weigh! and Half Weigh There!
  12. Focus on Health & Wellness (choose an “eating plan” to lose weight!) Read about it here: “D-I-E-T” is a four letter word!
  13. Visit Canyon, TX (Palo Duro Canyon State Park) Read about it here: 5, 6, 7, and 13: They all add up…
  14. Go to the Coast
  15. Visit the South Pacific War Museum in Fredericksburg, TX Read about it here: South Pacific War Museum
  16. Visit the “grassy knoll” (and related locations) in Dallas, TX
  17. Tour the Houston Space Center
  18. Go to Big Bend, TX
  19. Do a poetry-related event  Read about it here: For Immediate Release!
  20. Publish my “100 Days of Summer” poetry book
  21. Renew my passport Read about it here: My Passport To……?
  22. Start saving for a “big trip” (Europe??)  Read about it here: A Penny Saved…
  23. Ride a horse
  24. Take a cooking class
  25. Take Professional Development classes
  26. Go to a Balloon Festival Update: Read about it here: Up, Up and Away!
  27. Visit Lost Maples State Nature Area to see the Autumn foliage
  28. Go on a trip with Mom Read about it here: Planes, Trains and Automobiles
  29. Paint more Read about it here: Painting With A Twist
  30. Read more Read about it here: With this page, I thee read…
  31. Buy myself flowers for my desk at work Read about it here: Bloom Where You’re (sup)Planted.
  32. Parasail
  33. Go for a facial Read about it here: Time Out!
  34. Visit the Mitchell Lake Audubon Center
  35. Go to a Strawberry Festival  Read about it here: Did somebody say STRAWBERRIES!?
  36. Go to Lake LBJ
  37. Organize “stuff” to give away or sell – PART 1. (This should really be more than one item as I have broken it into “stages/steps”, so I’m listing it 4 times.)
  38. Organize “stuff” to give away or sell – PART 2
  39. Organize “stuff” to give away or sell – PART 3
  40. Organize “stuff” to give away or sell – PART 4
  41. Surprise #1
  42. Surprise #2

I’m open to suggestions…and company if you want to join me on any of the above! Drop me a note by email/text, or leave a note in the reply box below. And let me know if you’re making your OWN list for the coming year. 🙂

Painting With A Twist


In recent years I’ve discovered I like to paint. I’m no Picasso or Monet or Warhol…but I can do the kind of painting that’s a step up from paint-by-number!  Painting With A Twist is a nationwide franchise that helps me do just that.

So…when making my list, I was a bit nebulous with the item that simply said “paint more”. Over the course of the year, I hope to try my hand at some other kinds of painting (maybe even a lesson). But for now, I returned to Painting With A Twist and came out with this!

(Shhh….don’t tell my mom, but she’s getting this one for her birthday!)


Tai Chi Happiness!

wpid-wp-1442449590029.jpegA couple years ago I took a Tai Chi class for a few weeks through the Adult & Continuing Education program through a local school district. Even though I loved the class, for one reason or another when the class stopped I didn’t sign up for the next “semester”. So, when I was making “My List”, I knew Tai Chi had to be among the first things on it!

My class started tonight…and I was reminded of the many benefits of Tai Chi and the Qigong exercises.wpid-wp-1442449601329.jpeg

One of the things I thought I’d do with this year-long journey is use only pictures that I have taken myself or pictures that are actually of me. However, I’m only on post #3 and I’m already breaking that “rule”! I decided that a picture of ME doing Tai Chi just wasn’t in the cards.

While the picture above may not depict the setting where I am taking a Tai Chi class, or my fellow Tai Chi’ers, it does depict what Tai Chi does for me: Health & Wellness–and being healthy and well makes me happy!

I’m happy to be finding my Chi (Qi) again!


All I need to know I learned in Kindergarten…

wpid-20150915_183551.jpgWell, at least that goes for coloring. I loved the smell of crayons and the sound of cracking open a new box. I was always thrilled to have the big box of 64 with the built in sharpener! It was all I needed!!

I remember getting one of those giant Christmas coloring books each year and meticulously filling in each shape (staying within the lines, mind you!) until the whole book was complete.

I also remember all of my teenage years of babysitting and sitting with the kids to color…and being disappointed when they lost interest and wanted to move on to something else before I was finished with my page!

When did I stop coloring?wpid-wp-1442372952387.jpeg

“Color more” was one of the first things I added to my list! I’ve gone the more “adult” route with one of the new-fangled “adult coloring books” that are sold now as a relaxation activity. The spaces between lines are much smaller than children’s books, so I traded in the crayons for a new box of colored pencils.

I think when it comes closer to Christmas I’ll have to get one of the coloring books like I remember–and maybe Santa will bring me the BIG BOX of 64! 🙂