Tai Chi Happiness!

wpid-wp-1442449590029.jpegA couple years ago I took a Tai Chi class for a few weeks through the Adult & Continuing Education program through a local school district. Even though I loved the class, for one reason or another when the class stopped I didn’t sign up for the next “semester”. So, when I was making “My List”, I knew Tai Chi had to be among the first things on it!

My class started tonight…and I was reminded of the many benefits of Tai Chi and the Qigong exercises.wpid-wp-1442449601329.jpeg

One of the things I thought I’d do with this year-long journey is use only pictures that I have taken myself or pictures that are actually of me. However, I’m only on post #3 and I’m already breaking that “rule”! I decided that a picture of ME doing Tai Chi just wasn’t in the cards.

While the picture above may not depict the setting where I am taking a Tai Chi class, or my fellow Tai Chi’ers, it does depict what Tai Chi does for me: Health & Wellness–and being healthy and well makes me happy!

I’m happy to be finding my Chi (Qi) again!


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