Time Out!

Every so often you just need to give yourself a “time out”! And that is exactly what I did yesterday. I took the day off work and allowed myself the freedom of having an entire day to do whatever I needed/wanted.

And yes, there’s a difference between wants and needs.

jordanI needed to take my car in for some needed recall repairs. That always takes longer than you think, so doing that on a day where I didn’t have to worry about getting back to work was a smart move. I knew I’d be leaving it for a couple days and that a rental was going to be provided–still, it took longer than I’d have liked, but it’s great to have it (almost) done.

ultawanted to do some fun things as well. So I actually started the day by attending the Alzheimer’s fundraiser breakfast and had a nice time visiting with a colleague there. I later did some Christmas shopping (yes…already…we’re at 8 weeks and counting!). AND…I checked something off my list…a facial at Ulta Beauty Salon. (Well…I’d say I checked it off “once so far”, as I think I’ll be doing this as often as possible!)


No…this isn’t me…no time for selfies when you’re being pampered!

My favorite part is the hot towels…I’d highly recommend it. It’s nearly an hour of bliss.

If you’re local to San Antonio, go see Sophia at The Quarry–tell her I sent you!


Marching Orders

wpid-20151006_200457.jpgAttending a Marching Band Festival wasn’t on my list — but it should have been. So I’m going to write a little something about taking time out to do things that aren’t planned, but that make you happy.

A few days ago a colleague with high school aged kids invited me to a free event the school district would be hosting–the Autumn Marching Band Festival. It was a dress rehearsal, of sorts, for the bands planning to head to the state-level competition later this month. Agreeing to go to the festival would mean I was booking the one free night I had this week. But I said yes.

And am I ever glad I did!

wpid-20151006_191815-1.jpgGrowing up in a farming community in Iowa meant that I attended a very small school–a place where everyone had to participate in everything if there were going to be enough people to do anything! That meant the occasional half-time performance at a football game had a few people performing in the band wearing their football uniforms!

Last night’s spectacular performances by the local school district’s seven high school bands was far from what I remember being a part of back home. Yet it was still all so familiar. The challenge of memorizing music, playing that music while marching, and wearing a hat with a plume!

wpid-20151006_191445-1.jpgThe memories were happy ones. I thought of my friends from school. I thought of my step-grandfather who was my band instructor (for not enough years before he passed). I thought of the parades and performances. I thought about how happy I was that I’d agreed to attend this event.

And that’s what this year is about–my “Marching Orders” are to be doing more of what makes me happy.

On My Weigh!

scaleI told myself that I wouldn’t be posting about #11 on my list until there was some significant downward movement on the scale. Today, I’m wondering about the definition of “significant”!

Because…after only one week…I’m down 8.4 lbs!! I hesitate in posting that, because I know progress can be slow after the first week…and updates from here on out will not be that dramatic. (I’m not doing “The Biggest Loser” regime, after all!) But I was too excited NOT to share.

I’m still working on #10 (setting a schedule to be at the gym). Right now it’s been just once a week—not my idea of a good schedule. Yet.

Stay tuned for further updates…for now, I’m on my “weigh”!