Marching Orders

wpid-20151006_200457.jpgAttending a Marching Band Festival wasn’t on my list — but it should have been. So I’m going to write a little something about taking time out to do things that aren’t planned, but that make you happy.

A few days ago a colleague with high school aged kids invited me to a free event the school district would be hosting–the Autumn Marching Band Festival. It was a dress rehearsal, of sorts, for the bands planning to head to the state-level competition later this month. Agreeing to go to the festival would mean I was booking the one free night I had this week. But I said yes.

And am I ever glad I did!

wpid-20151006_191815-1.jpgGrowing up in a farming community in Iowa meant that I attended a very small school–a place where everyone had to participate in everything if there were going to be enough people to do anything! That meant the occasional half-time performance at a football game had a few people performing in the band wearing their football uniforms!

Last night’s spectacular performances by the local school district’s seven high school bands was far from what I remember being a part of back home. Yet it was still all so familiar. The challenge of memorizing music, playing that music while marching, and wearing a hat with a plume!

wpid-20151006_191445-1.jpgThe memories were happy ones. I thought of my friends from school. I thought of my step-grandfather who was my band instructor (for not enough years before he passed). I thought of the parades and performances. I thought about how happy I was that I’d agreed to attend this event.

And that’s what this year is about–my “Marching Orders” are to be doing more of what makes me happy.

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