wpid-fb_img_1447355123713.jpgI came across this meme on Facebook and thought it summarized very well what I’m hoping this year will be for me.

My Dream:  to be happier.

Goal/Date: by my next birthday.

Steps: my list!

Action: actually doing the things on my list, and journaling/blogging about them, for accountability.

For those who are friends of mine on Facebook, you’ll recognize this meme because I already shared it there, along with the announcement that at just seven weeks in, I’ve lost a total of 20.8 pounds!

This is a great encouragement to me as I continue to take steps toward ALL of my goals, not just with the weight loss and exercise goals. One step at a time has gotten me this far, in these seven weeks! I do believe I’ll be able to check off a few more of the items on my list in the approximately 10 months before I turn 50…and will be happier because of it.

Thank you to those who have encouraged me along the way…here, on Facebook, or in person!

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