Auld Lang Syne

fb_img_1451250325535.jpgLittle did I know, when 2015 started, I would be embarking on the journey I started when turning 49. I suppose it was the months leading up to my birthday that were really the turning point, not the birthday itself. Yet, it was a good “mile marker” of sorts. A great place to start down a new path. A path of doing more of what makes me happy.

fb_img_1451171805838.jpgSo…on to a HAPPIER new year!

I’ve always been on the melancholy side of life’s coin. I am not always in a cloud of doom, or living like Eeyore day-in and day-out, but I’ve also never been known as the optimist! So, taking proactive, purposeful steps to do more of what makes me happy has been a new experience.


I’ve been a bit of a “meme” fool these days on Facebook, finding inspiration wherever I can–I’ll give credit to Facebook, therefore, for these images.

Another source of inspiration — the encouraging words from friends and family who read my blog and help me stay focused to keep going.

fb_img_1450566040958.jpgI look forward to what 2016 holds–and will not forget you along the way.

Happy New Year…and auld lang syne.



With this page, I thee read…

I have always enjoyed reading. I remember devouring the Little House on the Prairie books as well as the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books, back in the day. As an adult, I’ve enjoyed reading everything by John Grisham, Patricia Cornwell (the Kay Scarpetta books), and Ted Dekker. However, reading seems like a luxury in the hectic world of adulthood, and it just ends up getting pushed off my priority list. So, the way to “read more” — MAKE it a priority!

I upgraded my original Kindle with a Kindle Fire (which is a bit more user friendly). While it adds a bit of weight to my shoulder (via my purse), having it with me means I have been doing more reading. And, since “read more” was #30 on my list, that makes me happy!

Thanks to Amazon Prime, I get one free book per month. Because I am a slow reader, I haven’t actually read one book per month since making my list. However, I HAVE completed two books: Miramont’s Ghost by Elizabeth Hall, and Christmas in Good Hope, by Cindy Kirk. Both were easy reads. I enjoyed the information at the end of Miramont’s Ghost, telling of real events used to create the story. And of course, the love story with the backdrop of Christmastime, in Christmas in Good Hope, was a fun pre-holiday read for me.

I’m planning to continue this goal and should have a bit easier time of it after the busyness of the holidays dies down. So…stay tuned for more updates!

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Mom, Aunt Lois, and Me

Mom, Aunt Lois, and Me

Ok, so it was really just a plane and a rental car, and it wasn’t exactly over the holiday…but…

Mom and I took a trip! Check #28 off my list!

With Mom in Texas for a few weeks this winter, I thought it would be the perfect time to whisk her away for a mini-vacation to Florida. We spent 5 nights in the Tampa area, to visit her sister-in-law, Lois.

The view from the front patio.

The view from the front patio.

We had a relaxing visit just enjoying each other’s company, some shopping, and good food. We were a few weeks too early for the big strawberry festival in Plant City, but made a tasty trip to Parkesdale Farms for fresh-from-the-field strawberries–on ice cream! (We ate them so quickly that I failed to get a picture!

Nellie and Me

Nellie and Me

Me and Judy

Me and Judy

I also took a side trip to visit a couple friends–Nellie, a former colleague who recently moved to Florida; and Judy, someone I had known only online through my poetry connections. Such fun!

And…just because I’ve checked #28 off my list, doesn’t mean I’m opposed to taking another trip with my mom! 🙂


Half Weigh There!

halfway thereJust a quick update…at my ten-week mark last week, I stepped on the scale at the gym to find that I was over the halfway point to my original goal.

What was my original goal, you ask?

It was to lose 50 pounds in 50 weeks, before I turn 50.

So, being at the halfway point only ten weeks in…I’m encouraged! We’ll see how quickly the next 25 fall off…and then at that point, I’ll look again at my goal to see how I should modify it.