Auld Lang Syne

fb_img_1451250325535.jpgLittle did I know, when 2015 started, I would be embarking on the journey I started when turning 49. I suppose it was the months leading up to my birthday that were really the turning point, not the birthday itself. Yet, it was a good “mile marker” of sorts. A great place to start down a new path. A path of doing more of what makes me happy.

fb_img_1451171805838.jpgSo…on to a HAPPIER new year!

I’ve always been on the melancholy side of life’s coin. I am not always in a cloud of doom, or living like Eeyore day-in and day-out, but I’ve also never been known as the optimist! So, taking proactive, purposeful steps to do more of what makes me happy has been a new experience.


I’ve been a bit of a “meme” fool these days on Facebook, finding inspiration wherever I can–I’ll give credit to Facebook, therefore, for these images.

Another source of inspiration — the encouraging words from friends and family who read my blog and help me stay focused to keep going.

fb_img_1450566040958.jpgI look forward to what 2016 holds–and will not forget you along the way.

Happy New Year…and auld lang syne.


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