A concert at the Opry…


…the FLORESVILLE Opry, that is!


fb_img_1462502190600.jpgI have had “go to a concert” on my list (#8), but honestly, I have to say I’m really not that much of a concert-goer! I thought perhaps I would see someone perform at the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo, but when that didn’t happen, I wondered if this item would be left unchecked.

And then I saw a flyer for the Floresville Opry! …and the name of a friend of mine: Lorraine Chavana!!

I talked my friend Bethany into going with me — not a lot of arm-twisting involved for a “girls night out” — and away we went!

We had a great time — and chuckled on our way home (having left just after intermission!) that, while we were among the youngest members of the audience, we were probably among the first to leave! That senior crowd sure knew how to have fun two-stepping the night away!

Thanks for the company, Bethany!

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