Did somebody say STRAWBERRIES!?

20160410_113350.jpgItem #35…

For the thirteen years I’ve lived in South Texas, I’ve heard of the Strawberry Festival in Poteet…however, most years I was reminded of the event only after it had already taken place! So…putting it on my LIST this year was an effort to be consciously aware of when it was going to happen…and making a plan to go!

So, on April 10th I rode along with my friends Josh and Bethany and their two daughters for a 20160410_102912.jpgfun-filled (and only slightly rained on) day! Because it was the final day of the event, the mass quantity of strawberries they sell by the flat had been sold out. However, there were plenty of other ways to enjoy some delicious strawberries – my favorite was the “strawberry nachos”. And darn it, if I didn’t forget to take a picture of the deliciousness! Let’s just say…cinnamon-n-sugared tortilla “chips”, fresh strawberries, drizzled chocolate, pecans, and fresh-whipped cream……it wasn’t around long enough to be photographed, I guess!

The kids enjoyed the carnival. I enjoyed the company. And a good time was had by all!

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