Amy – Belton, TX


In July 2003, I left the Midwest for a new life in South Texas. Was it my love of hot weather? My sense of adventure? No–it was to live closer to my three beautiful nieces (Katy: 7, Amy: 9, and Emily: 11!)

I had been able to love on them from afar and during my annual visit during the holidays, but my desire was to spend time with them before they grew up and didn’t have time for their “old aunt”.¬†What a privilege to be able to watch¬†them grow into beautiful, talented, intelligent young women.

So, when I was working on my list, they definitely needed to be on it! 20160501_125830.jpgEmily had already graduated from Texas Tech University and is back in San Antonio working as a teacher. However, Amy and Katy are still in college, so visiting them in their respective towns became two of my list items.

Amy is a junior at University of Mary Hardin Baylor in Belton, Texas. She’s studying to be a nurse. On May 1, with the semester quickly coming to a close and finals just around the corner, I made the trek up to Belton and had a great time seeing Amy’s apartment, going to church with her followed by lunch and a short walk along the river.

I sure do love this girl, and pray that all good things will come to her in life.