5, 6, 7, and 13: They all add up…

…to a great weekend!


I found the perfect equation to complete four things on my list!

# 5: Visit Katy in San Angelo
+ 6: Stay at a B&B
+ 7: Go to a play
+ 13: Visit Canyon, TX
July 15th to 17th Weekend Getaway to the Country


With the storm approaching, we were greeted by jackrabbits and cattle, as we drove up the dusty road to Dala Horse Inn.


20160716_184026.jpgKaty was studying abroad last semester so I wasn’t able to visit during the regular school year…and traveling to South Korea wasn’t in the budget! So…I was thankful for the opportunity to visit my niece in San Angelo during Summer Session 2, after her return from Korea. (#5 – check!)

20160716_085009.jpgOur time in San Angelo was short, however, as we headed an additional four hours north, up into the panhandle, to Canyon, Texas. It was here that I was able to cross three more items off my list. Katy and I stayed a great little “guest apartment” that I found on AirBnB…called “Dala Horse Inn”. (#6 – check!) It was on the working ranch of Joe & Diane. A quiet, private little getaway all to ourselves. (If you’re ever in that area and want to stay

Ned, at Katy's feet...it was love at first sight! (After we got him out of my car, that is!)

Ned, at Katy’s feet…it was love at first sight! (After we got him out of my car, that is!)

somewhere other than your typical hotel, I’d highly recommend it! Ned, their dog, is a friendlier welcome than any doorman I’ve ever seen at a hotel!) The two-bedroom, two-story “guest apartment” was decorated with “cowboy charm” in addition to all the amenities one needs. (And if you happen to be traveling with horses, to take into the canyon, they have a place for them, as well!)


Palo Duro Canyon State Park (#13 – check!)

Dala Horse Inn was a short drive to Palo Duro Canyon State Park. It was there we enjoyed the sights (and WIND!) of the canyon that’s second in size to the Grand Canyon. It was a beautiful day and we could see for MILES. Some of the bluffs behind us in the picture were 4-5 miles away. I think I read somewhere that the canyon is 100 miles long. I cannot imagine being an early settler traveling by wagon during the pioneer days, and coming upon this vast crevasse, and wondering where to go from there.

20160716_172915.jpgSpeaking of “early settlers”,
texas-logo-2016-2it was in Pioneer Amphitheatre in the canyon, that I was able to cross #7 off my list. We watched the musical Texas (in it’s 51st year of production!), which chronicles a fictional story of what it might have been like back then. The backdrop of the canyon (complete with horses, trains, and lightening bolts!), made it truly a phenomenal venue!


(photo borrowed from their website – click on picture for more details about the production)




South Pacific War Museum


May 27, 2016 ~ Fredericksburg, Texas


Helen and Nora – on the steps of the National Museum of the Pacific War


One of the places I had been wanting to visit was the South Pacific War Museum in Fredericksburg. I’d been past it a few times, but never at a time when I could stop in. Now that I’ve been there, it’s on my list to go back to, when I have more time.20160527_144246.jpg

My friend Bethany and her daughters and I made a visit there at the start of Memorial Day Weekend, a particularly somber time to walk through history.