Bloom Where You’re (sup)Planted.


SUPPLANT ~ defines it:
1. to take the place of (another), as through force, scheming, strategy, or the like.
2. to replace (one thing) by something else.

#31 – Buy Myself Flowers For My Desk At Work



No one else is buying me flowers – so I decided I should brighten my own office!

…doing more of what makes me happy!


A Penny Saved…

…is a penny closer to travel!


20160822_164300-1.jpgMy list included a lot of ideas for travel. I should have thought that through a bit more — not everything can be done on one dime!

However, item #22 on my list was to start saving toward a “big” trip in addition to the many “little” trips I was hoping to take.

I’m going to count this as “done”, as I’ve been putting away a few dollars every pay period to be “untouched” until I decide on what that trip will be. My balance tells me that it’ll be a while before I take that trip — but I still have it in my sights!